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Stretchinit a little bit more


new to the entry

here’s lookin’ at you kid

2014-04-13 17.22.34yupeye

2014-04-13 17.21.16yupper

2014-04-13 17.21.42yup

at the Victory Center

tURKeY in the hAy

We painted the chicken coup camo ~ to match the sky

2013-09-04 10.09.42

There’s about 25 in all around the yard.
Most of them’s red ones like this couple ~

2013-09-04 10.12.10-1

Except for the Colonel ~ he’s the purty one . . .

2013-09-04 10.14.08

 . . . . they have until the 14th ~ after that they’s lunch !

It’s a curious thing to care for and raise an animal that you will eventually slaughter and eat.

The lives of these guys and gals, anyways, is about as good as it gets
for being a chicken.

mobile global mogul

wide open spaces2

I think in some ways all we are searching for is some wide open spaces ~ either in the country side or in nature but mainly what we are trying for is just some more space in our own minds.


It doesn’t seem like too much to ask for and yet it doesn’t come naturally either. Trying too hard defeats the purpose and not trying enough produces nothing.


Somebody on wonna them shows ~ you know the ones ~ said that if everyone in the world were living by our standards ~ US that is ~ the earth could support up to 1.5 billion people at that level.
So at 7 billion plus that obviously aint gonna happen.

my back yard

I don’t know how ya figger stuff like that out but I gotta say even if you kin quibble with the numbers it don’t take much to see that we got it way better than most ~ and if most started doing it like we do – they’d be one hellova traffic jam on Monday.

Just in Time my Friends

my multi buddha 4

turns out the Mayans didn’t swallow us ~ but this might = takes about an hourNahalf (I reck o mend you go with bite size peaces) weed out the wankers, fire up the BIG screen & sir round sound ~ then strap your self in – Ridem Cowboys (n CowGals)

S/W Ver: 96.B0.0AR

Eye Aint Dead Yet

OK ~ this one is going to be a bit wired – or weird – take your pick.

After a near fatal car crash (and by near I mean fractions of a second difference) where all parties involved escaped with nary a scratch ~ perspective is liable to shift.

I aint tawkin about appreciating life more an all that sorta stuff cuz I all red eye M working on that one in a 24/7 kinda way. What I hope two X press in this post is the fact that we’re all ways in a near death state of bean. In udder words life is fatal and often brutal and for reasons beyond the scope of reasonableness my life and the life of nearly everyone I know has been pretty smooth so far relatively speaking.

So ruff spots have bin the exception for most of us mostly. Would you call crumpled metal with no loss of life or limb a blessing? Well I wood. But I think my point is that this is the natural state of affairs all the time. Not the smooth part so much cuz that’s the weird wired part ~ but the tragic blessings part, the undeniably invisible part, the part that you wish were true but you’re sure aint true except for the part that seems truer than true no matter what we be leaf.

What am I trying to say hear? Hard to say exactly but I have this faint yet persistent awareness that there is somethin happening just below the surface of reality that is a lot realer than any of us can even imagine let alone speculate about. Still we gotta dream don’t we?

Occupy the Central Channel

My Vajrayana friends will like that one. Trouble is this is where it gets tricky. Just because the whirld is falling apart doesn’t mean itza Kim Jung-Il kinda problem, necessarily.

“This world is on fire. It always has been. This does not mean the world is broken. It’s on fire because it’s dynamic and interconnected and on the move….. We can have the bigness to realize that we don’t know. This is not ignorance, but deep wisdom and intelligence. Our ability to bear witness is in discovering that we can bear the infinite ambiguity of the world.”

So what if “we” start chuckin summa them nukes around? You know “we” wanna ~ and we’re scared shitless at the same time. Talk about ambiguity! Nice deterrent ya got there Bosco.

And then there’s this guy with his Velvet Revolution = “Truth and Love will Prevail over Lies and Hate” ~ even this other guy agrees ~ kinda.

Now where does all this leave us? If ya see a mushroom cloud on the horizon, break out the marshmellows? Get in on sum good investment deals with beach front property in Colorado? Move to a secure bunker in an undisclosed location?

We aint just playin with fire ~ we are made of fire. Every atom in our bodies was once insided a star. So maybe we are all just getting ready to ship ourselves back home special delivery. Either way it’s all bin one hellova a show. Nice planet while it lasted ~ and I for won wood not have wanna missed it.