semi aristocratic proletariat prone to bourgeois fits of inertia – imagination is the key – reality is up for grabs but some latex may be required. I recommend standing in front of a Robert Irwin disc painting if you ever have the chance – stare into the middle and watch the room disappear. If we educate people to think then the world would be a better place – maybe less efficient but a more reasonable environment to raise children. I never wanted my own since it always seemed to me that it was enough just trying to take care of the ones that are already here. Like Eyenstine says: ‘Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.’

3 responses to “About

  1. BlueTurtle.com

    I like your blog, it is interesting! I also think that word weird should be spelled wierd 🙂 And thank you for visiting http://www.blueturtle.com and telling us about it. You wrote that you were not sure how our blogging platform works so I will try to explain in few words. It is like the wordpress platform, except BlueTurtle is for causes with a social network attached to it. The platform comes with tools such as groups, events, projects with ability to raise money.

  2. kool jewels blueturtle ~ also eye think weird should be spelled “wired” but as you kin sea eye M spellingly challenged


  3. Lesley McClintock

    Very impressive work, Daniel! I like the boldness, bright colors, dynamic shapes. Some works remind me of Dubuffet.

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